I Want to Know More for the fourth week of June, 2024

On the podcast this week, we turn back over to Second Samuel to see the differences in what was recorded there versus in First Chronicles about the travel of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. David’s wife Michal, who for whatever reason didn’t go with David to move the Ark comes out and comes out to meet him with derision as to his actions, yet the women who did attend the celebration get treated equally with the men there, getting a feast of a cake (or loaf, a big pita basically) of bread, a good chunk of flesh, and a large vessel of wine. A flagon here would be a quite large amount, likely nearly a quart. But Second Samuel doesn’t record the list of the Levites praising God, nor does it record the medley Psalm that First Chronicles records; only David is important to the action in Man’s way of doing things here. But God cares about the people who praise him and who carry the Ark.