Second week of June 2024 Podcast

Responsibility is an unpopular word in today’s age, but the child of God has to reckon with the great responsibility of the position of simply being a child of God, especially after some failure in doing the right thing the wrong way. David, even though he was responsible for Uzzah’s death, corrects course and is now bringing in the Ark the Right Way, with great joy, shouting, and celebration.

But then, after correcting course and doing that right thing the right way and feeling the Lord’s approval by his present help, have you experienced pushback from family or friends for what they think is your ‘holier than thou’ stance? You’re not alone; David had many of the same issues we still have today in trying to live right for the Lord. This week’s podcast covers the responsibilities of David’s position with the type of the office of a pastor, his correction, his bringing in of the Ark in the right way, and how Michal, his first wife, reacted.